Filipinetako gela garbiaren proiektuaren bigarren faseko material bidalketa prestatzea


"Tianxingjian, the gentleman is constantly striving for self-improvement; the terrain is Kun, the gentleman carries things with great virtue.".

It is the belief of our enterprise all the time. Diligent and enterprising, persevering, treating people with integrity, and developing together, we are determined to become one of the outstanding enterprises in the purification industry, and become a trustworthy partner that can create value for you. At the same time, we have been adhering to a cooperation, lifelong friends!最新共享zwjd我D文件王娟产品拍照工程图片工程案例图片3.282017.2.24菲律宾工程图片菲律宾工程图片卓为标识菲律宾工地图片微信图片_20171114134318.jpg

After cooperating with Philippine customers for the first time, they are very satisfied with our design, service, engineering, etc. The second phase of the project continues to cooperate with our company, which is also our trust and affirmation. Dongguan Zhuowei Purification Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. actively integrates into the international environment! After these two cooperations, it is a big step for our company to join the international market.

Let's take a look at the return visit after the first project is used for one year:最新共享zwjd我D文件王娟产品拍照工程图片工程案例图片3.282017.2.24菲律宾工程图片菲律宾工程图片卓为标识菲律宾工地图片微信图片_20171114134324.jpg最新共享zwjd我D文件王娟产品拍照工程图片工程案例图片3.282017.2.24菲律宾工程图片菲律宾工程图片卓为标识菲律宾工地图片微信图片_20171114134347.jpg最新共享zwjd我D文件王娟产品拍照工程图片工程案例图片3.282017.2.24菲律宾工程图片菲律宾工程图片卓为标识菲律宾工地图片微信图片_20171114134359.jpg

Is it as clean as new?

Now that the second phase is under construction, the materials are ready, and the container loading work has begun. Let me share with you the situation of our container loading.最新共享zwjd我D文件王娟产品拍照工程图片2018年工程案例图片菲律宾二期图片微信图片_20180309093355.jpg最新共享zwjd我D文件王娟产品拍照工程图片2018年工程案例图片菲律宾二期图片微信图片_20180309093359.jpg最新共享zwjd我D文件王娟产品拍照工程图片2018年工程案例图片菲律宾二期图片微信图片_20180309093217.jpg最新共享zwjd我D文件王娟产品拍照工程图片2018年工程案例图片菲律宾二期图片微信图片_20180315174609.jpg最新共享zwjd我D文件王娟产品拍照工程图片2018年工程案例图片菲律宾二期图片微信图片_20180315091939.jpg最新共享zwjd我D文件王娟产品拍照工程图片2018年工程案例图片菲律宾二期图片微信图片_20180315091943.jpg最新共享zwjd我D文件王娟产品拍照工程图片2018年工程案例图片菲律宾二期图片微信图片_20180315174618.jpg

Purification equipment and other materials are also being installed in the cabinets, and the latest construction progress will continue to be updated in the future!

Dongguan Zhuowei Air Conditioning Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. aims to build a leading brand in the purification industry, and constantly improves on the science of project design, the quality of construction technology, and the rigor of project management, and for customer satisfaction. effort.

Dongguan Zhuowei purification staff welcomes foreign friends to visit our company to visit and negotiate!

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